Ezekiel "Zeke" Falconie


Season 1 : 14-15,9th grade
Season 2 : 15-16,10th grade


April 7 1994




Luther (bestfriend)
Kojo (sometimes) Skateboarders


Kojo,Ginger,Mr. Ruckner


Ginger Thatcher (sister) dad(unnamed) mom(unnamed)

Portrayed by

Hutch Dano

First apparence

Bros Go Pro<


Season 1: Long (crunched to below of ears,and long in back)
Season 2: Long and Short (put to middle of ears in the first 10 episodes,and put to top of ears.)

Ezekiel "Zeke" Falcone is a skateborder, who wants nothing more than to be a pro-skate boarder no matter what it takes. He is the unnoficial leader of the Skateboarders.


Zeke's personality is actually more like of a leader. He likes helping people, and cares about his friends. Zeke is a really caring person

Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit

Stunts and SchemesEdit

Zeke has pulled of numerous stunts inorder to gain fame. He usually does this with or without Luther.

  • With Luther, attempted at jumping several queen sized mattreses in order to promote a new mattres store.
  • Attempted at launching Luther with a bungee cord inorder to perform a stunt, but ended up breaking Jumpsuit Johnson's flower garden.
  • Attempted to ride in a giant donut, but lost the donut
  • Rode down the "Tunnel of Terror", escaping several dogs in the process after Luther came to help him, gaining sponsorship from "Liver Nubs" dog food.
  • Filmed a skateboarding video of him and luther and posted it on the web.
  • Challenged his teacher, an ex-skater, to a skate-off
  • Filmed Luther and himself making milkshakes by skating down stairs for a gameshow
  • Filled his and Luther full of helium for a gameshow.
  • Jumped a shark at the misunderstood request of Kirby Cheddar.

Relationships Edit

Luther Waffles: Luther is Zeke's best friend and fellow skateboarder. The two often participate in numerous schemes in order to become recognized including performing a stunt for the opening of a mattress store and participating in a game show about skateboarding tricks.

Olivia Masterson: Olivia is Zeke's friend and crush. Zeke keeps a picute of her in his room as she is a model and the face of "Langely Olives". Zeke often tries to impress Olivia and try and get her to like him.

Kojo Jonesworth: Kojo is Zeke's rival and friend. Zeke and Kojo are usually at odds, due to their wanting to outdue eachother. Zeke and Kojo also often help during serious situations.

Ginger Falconi: Ginger is Zeke's 12 year old sister. Ginger enjoys tormenting Zeke in anyway possible. The two are usually at odds but on rare occasions help eachother. Ginger's respect for him grew after he was able to solve the mystery behind a hidden treasure.

Lisa Grubner: lisa is obsessed with zeke and wants him to be her boyfriend,but she never gets any where and of right now is zekes friend.

Ozzwald "Ozzie" Kephart: Ozzie is the neighboorhood power walker turned skateboarder thanks to Zeke and Luther. Ozzie is usually seen assisting the two in their numerous schemes. ually hangs out with Ginger and occasionaly with Zeke and Luther. Kirby is shown to need special care to the